Turbans and Tales

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Pub Date: 09/03/2019

Pages: 256

Trim: 7 x 10

Publisher: Unbound

Imprint: Unbound

ISBN 13: 9781783526123

ISBN 10: 1783526122

Price: $34.95

Category: RELIGION / Sikhism

Turbans and Tales

By Amit Amin, Naroop Jhooti

Price: $34.95



About the Book

The turban is undoubtedly the most powerful and recognisable symbol of Sikh identity: worn for centuries by kings and holy men in South Asia, it took on a revolutionary meaning with the birth of Sikhism, and today it continues to signify non-conformity and style. Turbans and Tales chronicles the Sikh Project, a photography programme created by the award-winning duo Amit and Naroop. Over a period of four years, they photographed boxers, army captains, doctors, bikers, fashion stylists, musicians, temple volunteers, magicians and Sikhs from a host of other occupations. They sought out individuals – men, women and children – with inspiring stories to tell, as well as a unique approach to wearing their traditional articles of faith. The portraits, which have been exhibited in London and New York, showcase the modern Sikh identity in all its beauty and diversity.

About the Book

A stylish book of portraits celebrating the diversity of modern Sikh identity, based on an internationally acclaimed photography exhibition