The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks

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Pub Date: 10/01/2019

Pages: 88

Trim: 9 x 8

Publisher: Unbound

Imprint: Unbound

ISBN 13: 9781783526451

ISBN 10: 1783526459

Price: / $19.99 CAN$14.95

Category: HUMOR / Form / Parodies

The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks

By Amy Kean, J. Milton

Price: $14.95



About the Book

This is the story of a brave young girl, Elodie-Rose, who one day decides to change the world and keep all her fucks in her basket. Wait a minute. You’re confused. What are fucks, you ask? It’s quite simple, really. Fucks are her self-esteem; all the happy, sad and wonderful thoughts that sit in her basket. That sit in every girl’s basket! And every girl must give these fucks away every time someone asks. One day Elodie-Rose decides to break rank and find out what happens if those fucks stay where they are...

About the Book

An irreverent, feminist fairy tale for adults that teaches us to care less about what others think


Amy Kean is an advertising strategist, writer, media columnist and lecturer from Essex whose short stories, poems, rants and reviews can be found littered across the web on professional and unprofessional websites. 10 per cent of her profits will go to the charity Writing Through, of which she is an ambassador.

J. Milton is a comic artist and illustrator living in Glasgow. They make a fantasy webcomic called The Flying Ship, and personal diary comics centred around polyamory, queerness and supportive relationships.

The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks is their first book