Drama Games for Actors

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Pub Date: 10/03/2017

Pages: 224

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Imprint: Nick Hern Books

ISBN 13: 9781848423732

ISBN 10: 184842373X

Price: / $27.99 CAN$20.95

Category: PERFORMING ARTS / Acting & Auditioning

Drama Games for Actors

By Thomasina Unsworth

Price: $20.95



About the Book

A new title in the ever-popular Drama Games series, Thomasina Unsworth (teacher at Rose Bruford College) presents over eighty energizing, instructive, and dynamic games for actors to develop their own performances—by working on themselves, their characters, and their connection to the text.

About the Book

New in the increasingly popular Drama Games series, packed with dozens of drama games that can be used in rehearsals.


Thomasina Unsworth trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama and worked as an actress and corporate trainer for ten years before developing her career as an acting teacher, coach and theatre director. She is now a Senior Lecturer on the Acting and Actor Musican programmes at Rose Bruford College.