The Improviser's Way

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Pub Date: 04/02/2019

Pages: 226

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Imprint: Nick Hern Books

ISBN 13: 9781848427389

ISBN 10: 1848427387

Price: / $40.99 CAN$30.95

The Improviser's Way

By Katy Schutte

Price: $30.95



About the Book

Structured as a twelve-week course, this book provides techniques, advice and exercises that can be done on your own or in groups – with activities to complete as you go – for learning faster and becoming (more) amazing at improvisation. It draws on the author’s own experience of performing and teaching improv around the world, with added gems of wisdom from key experts.

Starting with the basics of improvisation, it moves on to explore areas of the craft such as rehearsals, character, editing, form and style; plus career advice including how to cope with bad gigs, jealousy, fear of missing out and your Inner Critic.

The Improviser’s Way is ideal for improvisers at any level – from those new to improv entirely, through those familiar with shortform who are looking to extend their reach, to experienced longform performers and teachers looking to refresh their approach and embrace new ideas. It is also invaluable to anyone looking to discover more about this popular, thrillingly creative and empowering form of performance.

By the end, you won’t just be a better improviser – you’ll be a better person!

About the Book

An inspiring and interactive workbook to help you develop skills for longform improvisation, by one of the UK’s top improv performers and teachers.


Katy Schutte is an improvisation teacher, player, coach and consultant. She tours shows and classes around Europe and the US, and teaches for improv groups Hoopla and The Maydays in the UK. Katy trained at Second City and iO Chicago and with teachers from companies including Annoyance, UCB and The Magnet.