Now is the Time of Monsters

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Pub Date: 12/11/2018

Pages: 180

Publisher: AK Press

Imprint: World War 3 Illustrated

ISBN 13: 9781849353403

ISBN 10: 1849353409

Price: / $17.50 CAN$12.00

Now is the Time of Monsters

By Kevin Pyle, Sue Seminsky Bietila, Sue Coe, Eric Drooker, Peter Kuper

Price: $12.00



About the Book

Facing the Predator, the latest volume from World War 3 illustrated, explores and exposes the predatory logic that underpins our economy, politics, justice system, and human relations. As agents of Capitalism seek to extract and exploit at every opportunity, artists and allies come together to push back in words and images.

With contributions by Sue Coe, Eric Drooker, Sabrina Jones, Seth Tobocman, Sandy Jimenez, Peter Kuper, Kevin Pyle and many more.

About the Book

Artists and allies come together to push back in words and images as agents of capitalism seek to extract and exploit at every opportunity.


Susan Simensky Bietila has been an artist and activist since the 1960s. She did artwork for The Guardian—the radical newsweekly during the Vietnam war—and the 2nd Wave Feminist underground newspaper Rat and has continued to do art and activism ever since. She has been active against mining in Wisconsin and in support of Public Education. Presently she is creating art for C.A.R.S.(Citizens Acting for Rail Safety) Milwaukee.

Kevin Pyle is an illustrator and cartoonist whose work has appeared in The New York Times Op-Ed page, The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, The National Law Journal, The Progressive, Adbusters and numerous other publications.He has taught comics, illustration and the cultural history of monsters in a variety of school environments and grade levels. He lives with his wife and son in a creaky house somewhere just past the swamps of Jersey.

Rebecca Migdal is an author and an interdisciplinary artist working in new and traditional media. She has worked as a filmmaker, designer, teacher and performer, and is currently writing her second novel. She is the creator of the graphic novel Zombie Punk (Mythoprint Publishing, 2015).

Jordan Worley is an illustrator and cartoonist who was active with many radical movements in the 1990s including the Lower East Side Squatters, Red Anarchist Skin Heads and Anti-Fascist Action.

Peter Kuper is a comic-book artist whose work has appeared in New York Times, The Economist, The New Yorker, and many other magazines. He is author of The System, Drawn to New York, and illustrated an edition of Kafka'sThe Metamorphosis.