Divining Poets: Rumi

Divining Poets: Rumi

A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press

Divining Poets: A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press

by Jalal al-Din Rumi

Edited and translated by Brad Gooch

Translated by Maryam Mortaz

Published by: Turtle Point Press

78 pages, 3.63 x 5.00 in, Each card has a four-color illustration on the back and a two-color design on the front.

  • Book
  • ISBN: 9781885983718
  • Published: November 2019


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Turtle Point Press is pleased to introduce the Divining Poets Quotable Deck Series. These elegant, boxed sets of seventy-eight cards à la tarot decks feature short quotes meant to inspire, provoke, and guide users—to contemplate, memorize, or answer life questions. We begin with the great Rumi, in fresh and wonderfully accessible translations.

Persian speakers often tell their fortunes and seek life advice by randomly choosing lines from their classical poets. Brad Gooch discovered why as he worked on Rumi’s Secret, his biography of the wisest poet of all, as well as his forthcoming Everyman's Library collaborative book of translations, Rumi: Unseen Poems, and his popular Twitter feed, @RumiSecrets. Speaking soul-to-soul, with cosmic intimacy, Rumi is always urgently telling us what we need to know on the journey of our lives in haunting, divine, radiant words.

The set includes a display stand, plus an instruction card with tips on how to use the deck. This is pocket-sized wisdom to give and to keep, here in perfect time for the holiday season.