The Trouble with a Short Horse in Montana

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Pub Date: 10/01/2006

Pages: 96

Publisher: White Pine Press

Imprint: White Pine Press

ISBN 13: 9781893996779

ISBN 10: 1893996778

Price: $14.00 / $18.99 CAN

Category: POETRY / American / General

The Trouble with a Short Horse in Montana

By Roy Bentley

Price: $14.00



About the Book

“Roy Bentley’s exceptional collection of poetry peels back the soul of Middle America to reveal its idiosyncrasies and enigmas. No tricks, no formulas; just plenty of surprises—poignant, human, picaresque—told in the direct language of an accomplished storyteller.”—John Brandi

About the Book

Winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize.


Roy Bentley is the author of two books of poems: Boy in a Boat and Any One Man, as well as four chapbooks. He is a recipient of the fellowhips rom the Natinal Endowment for the Arts and the Ohio Arts Council. He lives in Stuart, Florida.