A Mapmaker's Diary

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Pub Date: 10/01/2007

Pages: 180

Publisher: White Pine Press

Imprint: White Pine Press

ISBN 13: 9781893996885

ISBN 10: 1893996883

Price: $16.00 / $20.99 CAN

Category: POETRY / Caribbean & Latin American

A Mapmaker's Diary

By Carlota Caulfield, Mary G. Berg

Price: $16.00



About the Book

“Carlota Caulfield has given us a work of great sensuality and rare luminosity, suffused with an intelligence that is both playful and meditative. Her pleasures and discoveries become ours, her tender, often sly observations are crafted for inheritance. But it is Caulfield's devotion to the daily sacred that helps inspire our own.”—Cristina Garcia

A Mapmaker’s Diary gathers a selection of poems from both published and unpublished work in a bilingual format by this verbal acrobat, juggler of words, and magician of memory.

Carlota Caulfield is the author of nine books of poetry. She teaches at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

About the Book

A verbal acrobat, a juggler of words and images, and a magician of memory.


Carlota Caulfield was born in Havana, Cuba. She is the author of nine books of poetry including The Book of Giulio Camillo and Ticket to Ride. She teaches at Mills College in San Francisco, CA. Mary Berg is a professor of Spanish at Harvard University. She has translated many volumes from Spanish including: River of Sorrows by Libertad Demitropulos, Open Your Eyes and Soar: Cuban Women Writing Now, and I Have Forgotten Your Name by Martha Rivera.