The Secret Gardens of Mogador

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Pub Date: 04/01/2009

Pages: 240

Trim: 5 x 7

Publisher: White Pine Press

Imprint: White Pine Press

ISBN 13: 9781893996991

ISBN 10: 1893996999

Price: $15.00 / $19.99 CAN

Category: FICTION / Literary

The Secret Gardens of Mogador

By Alberto Ruy-Sánchez, Rhonda Dahl Buchanan

Price: $15.00



About the Book

“Ruy-Sánchez’s works of fiction are always amazing: adventure, poetry, and intelligence in a new geometry of words. . . . His writing has nerve and agility, his intelligence is sharp without being cruel, his mood is sympathetic without complicity.”—Octavio Paz

“In the books by Ruy-Sánchez we find again the erotic conviction that allows us to read with all the skin. The erotic, in his narratives, is not a subject or a phrase, it is the clay they are made of. In his novels every experience, trivial or extraordinary, breathes through the erotic.”—Alberto Manguel

In Mogador—the city of desire—a woman, tired of her lover’s insensitivity, decides to pose a challenge to him: She will make love with him only when he tells her about a new garden in the city. The problem is that he must search for gardens where one least expects to find them, and he may not invent them. To discover hidden gardens, he will have to tune his most powerful impulses.

Alberto Ruy-Sánchez examines the complex nature of enduring intimacy and the daily challenge of addressing the ever-changing desires of the other. He considers the perpetual quest to re-create the magical moment when paradise was first discovered in the body of the beloved.

Alberto Ruy-Sánchez is a Mexican writer and author of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction, many of which have been translated, including his novel Mogador, published by City Lights Publishers in 1992.

Rhonda Dahl Buchanan is a professor of Spanish and the director of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. Her books of translation include The Entre Ríos Trilogy by Perla Suez and Quick Fix: Sudden Fiction by Ana María Shua.

About the Book

An erotic painter of dreams, who fuses the most unblemished sensuality with the most transparent spirituality.


Born in Mexico City in 1951, Alberto Ruy-Sánchez is an award-winning writer and editor whose works have been translated into many languages. He is best known for a quintet of novels, which take place in the Moroccan city of Mogador and explore the nature of desire: Los nombres del aire (1987), En los labios del agua (1996), Los jardines secretos de Mogador (2001), Nueve veces el asombro (2005), and La mano del fuego (2007). Two of these have been previously published in English, most recently The Secret Gardens of Mogador.

Rhonda Dahl Buchanan is a Professor of Spanish and Director of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of Louisville. In 2006 she was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship to translate Alberto Ruy-Sánchez’s novel Los jardines secretos de Mogador: voces de la tierra. Her translation, The Entre Ríos Trilogy: Three Novels by the Argentine writer Perla Suez was published in 2006 by The University of New Mexico Press in their Jewish Latin America Series. In 2008, White Pine Press published her translation, Quick Fix: Sudden Fiction, a bilingual illustrated anthology of short short stories by the Argentine writer Ana María Shua, followed by The Secret Gardens of Mogador: Voices of the Earth in 2009.