Havana Red

Havana Red

Mario Conde Investigates

by Leonardo Padura

Translated by Peter Bush

Published by: Bitter Lemon Press

Imprint: Bitter Lemon Press

310 Pages, 5.10 x 7.80 x 0.70 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781904738091
  • Published: May 2005


“A magnificent novel. Haunted by the tragic story and passion of its characters.”—Magazine Littéraire

The first of the Havana quartet featuring Inspector Mario Conde, a tropical Marlowe. A young transvestite in a beautiful red dress is found strangled in a Havana park. Conde’s investigation into a violent murder exposes a stifling, corrupt society, a Cuban reality where nothing is what it seems. A dark and fascinating world of men and women born in the revolution who live without dreaming of exile and seek their identity in the midst of disaster.

Leonardo Padura lives in Cuba. He is a novelist, essayist, journalist and scriptwriter. Havana Red has won numerous literary prizes, including the Hammett prize in Spain.