by Gianluca Morozzi

Translated by Howard Curtis

Published by: Bitter Lemon Press

Imprint: Bitter Lemon Press

295 Pages, 5.20 x 7.90 x 0.80 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781904738329
  • Published: November 2008


“A spine-tingling novel that keeps you mesmerized from beginning to end.”—InfiniteStorie

“Morozzi has a light touch. He has an uncanny ability to convey mood swings, excitement and plot twists with ever increasing velocity.”—Gazzetta di Parma

“A chilling and claustrophobic thriller with an unpredictable ending. Morozzi joins the best in the genre.”—LINUS

Bologna in August: unbearable heat, an empty city. Claudia is a young student in a hurry to return home from her work as a waitress and get out of the skimpy uniform she hates. Tomas is a young man on his way to elope to Amsterdam with his girlfriend, Francesca. Aldo is a husband and father with an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley, anxious to get to an apartment filled with guilty secrets. All three have an urgent need to be somewhere else. Instead, they are trapped in an elevator in a deserted building on a holiday weekend. They are like three wasps in an upturned glass . . . and one of the trio is a serial killer.

This dark, twist-packed psychological thriller in the style of Phonebooth has been adapted as a US film to be released in the fall of 2008, starring Amber Tamblyn and directed by cult Mexican auteur Rigoberto Castañeda.

Gianluca Morozzi was born in Bologna in 1971, where he lives today. He is well-known as a cutting-edge satirist and music critic, often compared to Nick Hornby and Ben Elton. Blackout is his first thriller.