Never Forget

Never Forget

by Lisa Cutts

Published by: New Internationalist

384 pages, 128.00 x 8.00 mm

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781908434265
  • Published: July 2009


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Few kidnap victims grow up to become police officers – but this is exactly what Nina Foster did. With former rescuer DCI Stan McGuire as her mentor and John (‘Wingsy’) Wing as her partner, she thrives on the pace and banter that goes with the job – until a frenzied stabbing leads to her first murder Investigation. As the body count increases and each new discovery tests her professionalism and courage to the limit, Nina’s past comes back to haunt her. A disturbing new development threatens her role in the investigation and endangers her life. And this time DCI Stan McGuire won’t be there to save her. Fast-paced, and with a shocking twist, this compelling crime debut by police insider Lisa Cutts takes us to the heart of the Major Incident Room and introduces a bold and ballsy new heroine to the crime scene.