Night Windows

Night Windows

Created by Aart Jan Venema

Published by: Cicada Books

32 pages, 8.90 x 11.60 in, Color illustrations throughout

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781908714565
  • Published: April 2019


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This is an illuminating tale about making friends and coming home' -- FOREWORD REVIEW A lonely boy finds his feet in a new city by watching his neighbours’ lives unfold behind their lit windows. Adjusting to life in a new city is tough. When a young boy moves from the countryside, everyone around him seems so unfriendly. Lonely and homesick, he sits on a bench outside his new apartment block and watches the busy urban lives going on behind the lit windows. Gradually he begins to interact with the people around him, and ends up making a whole host of new friends. Written in a syncopated, urban rhyme, this book explores the challenges of moving house and finding friends, and is also a heartfelt love letter to city living. A search-and-find element will keep children young and old entertained for hours, as they scour the vibrant, detailed illustrations of Aart Jan Venema, which are perfectly complemented by the elegant printing and packaging of this unique book.