Gather & Nourish

Gather & Nourish

Artisan Foods – The Search for Sustainability and Well-being in a Modern World

Edited by Press Canopy

Published by: 3DTotal Publishing

312 pages, 6.50 x 9.80 in, Color photographs throughout

  • Hardcover
  • 9781909414853
  • Published: March 2020


Food is not just a way to fill our stomachs but is representative of the culture and time we live in. It tells a story and can act as a catalyst for social engagement. As the impact of mass food production on the environment becomes ever more apparent, movements advocating organic farming and local, small-scale food production are finally receiving an ear. The appeal of exotic, imported foods is fast becoming less popular than a preference for being able to meet the producer and quickly find out the processes and supply chain involved. Gather & Nourish presents a chance for you to meet some of those makers and discover more about how they cultivated their business and why they believe ethically sourced and produced food is important. A smorgasbord of artisans – including a beekeeper, a distiller, a dairy farmer, and a winemaker – enthusiastically share their appetite for food and creativity while offering an insightful and tasty slice of the world of urban agriculture, small-scale farming, and sustainable living.