A Bottle of Happiness

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Pub Date: 09/10/2019

Pages: 28

Publisher: Tiny Owl Publishing

Imprint: Tiny Owl Publishing

ISBN 13: 9781910328552

ISBN 10: 1910328553

Price: $16.99 / $22.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Legends, Myths, Fables / General

A Bottle of Happiness

By Pippa Goodhart, Ehsan Abdollahi

Price: $16.99



About the Book

There was once a big mountain with two villages on either side. The people on one side were rich and worked only to get richer. The people on the other side of the mountain were poor but had a wealth of stories and laughter. One day, a poor young boy decides to seek a new story and this leads him to the rich people’s marketplace. He would love one of the ripe pieces of fruit, but what can a poor boy trade?

Find out if it is possible to bottle and share happiness in this timeless fable, exquisitely illustrated in an eye-opening and unusual style.

About the Book

A beautiful, modern-day fable about spreading happiness through laughter and music.


Pippa Goodhart is the author of over a hundred children’s books, including the prize-winning picture book You Choose, and the Winnie the Witch series which she writes under the pen name of Laura Owen. She trained as a teacher, and worked for many years in bookselling before becoming a mother and a writer. She also worte My Very Own Space, Junior Library Guild selection

Ehsan Abdollahi is an illustrator and animator from Iran. He teaches at Tehran Art University. Ehsan is inspired by the environment and fabrics of South Iran (where he was born), and uses bold colours and rich patterns in his illustrations.