Dead Straight Guide to Velvet Underground and Lou Reed

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Pub Date: 07/23/2019

Pages: 304

Publisher: Global Book Sales

Imprint: Red Planet

ISBN 13: 9781911346463

ISBN 10: 1911346466

Price: $24.95

Category: MUSIC / Genres & Styles / Rock

Dead Straight Guide to Velvet Underground and Lou Reed

By Peter Hogan

Price: $24.95



About the Book

The Velvets straddled art and rock, changing popular music forever, and sowing the seeds for punk, grunge and thousands of countercultural four-chord wonders. The Velvet Story: How Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale and co emerged from the New York scene, their successes and excesses and what happened to each in their solo years. Velvet Music: all there recordings plus all of Lou Reed’s solo work. Velvetology includes Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, David Bowie, Delmore Schwaretsz and Brian Eno and the Velvets’ on screen and in New York, their influences, covers, websites and more.

About the Book

Only complete discography of The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed.


Peter Hogan has written about music and film for Vox, Uncut and Melody Maker and is co-author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel series Terra Obscura.