Free Time!

Free Time!

from clock-watching to free-flowing, a Buddhist guide

by Vajragupta Staunton

Published by: Windhorse Publications

256 pages, 6.14 x 9.21 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781911407232
  • Published: July 2019


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In our fast moving world many of us feel our time is wound tight, our lives constantly hassled and hectic. ‘Fast-forward’ seems to be the collective default setting. So often we can be over busy and over stimulated, and this can send stress levels higher and higher. In Free Time!, Vajragupta Staunton shows us that investigating our experience of time, and considering our relationship with it, can be deeply and powerfully transformative. Noticing the feel and texture of our time can help us see more clearly, and understand more profoundly, the anxiety and restlessness that so often dominates our minds. We and time are intimately intertwined. It is not something we are in; it is something that we are. That means we have a choice about our experience of time: what we do with our minds and our hearts, with our thoughts and emotions, will condition the quality of the time we live in. Vajragupta Staunton explores time from a number of different angles, in order to see how we can have a more healthy and human relationship with it. He looks at our actual day-to-day experience of time and applies a variety of Buddhist ideas and teachings in order to understand what time really is. He also offers practical ways of helping us live in a way that is relaxed and open, in a way that is not oppressive and restrictive, but free and flowing.