To Leave with the Reindeer

To Leave with the Reindeer

by Olivia Rosenthal

Translated by Sophie Lewis

Published by: And Other Stories

144 pages, 5.10 x 7.80 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781911508427
  • Published: May 2019


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To Leave with the Reindeer is the account of a woman who has been trained for a life she cannot live. She readies herself for freedom, and questions its limits, by exploring how humans relate to animals. Rosenthal weaves an intricate pattern, combining the central narrative with many other voices – vets, farmers, breeders, trainers, a butcher – to produce a polyphonic composition full of fascinating and disconcerting insights.

Wise, precise, generous, To Leave with the Reindeer takes a clear-eyed look at the dilemmas of domestication, both human and animal, and the price we might pay to break free.