British East Asian Plays

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Pub Date: 04/09/2019

Pages: 350

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Imprint: Aurora Metro Press

ISBN 13: 9781912430086

ISBN 10: 1912430088

Price: / $46.99 CAN$35.95

British East Asian Plays

By Cheryl Robson, Amanda Rogers, Ashley Thorpe

Price: $35.95



About the Book

This is a timely collection, being published within months of the opening of three plays by British East Asian playwrights in the UK, and a growing awareness in the mainstream press that that East Asians in British theatre are under-represented. As Daniel York Loh writes: “British East Asians were effectively side-lined in any debate on diversity in theatre where the general establishment view tends towards a binary black/white... which seems to exclude large swathes of the Asian continent.” 

With an introduction by academics Dr. Amanda Rogers and Dr. Ashley Thorpe which sets the plays into context and explores the hidden history of theatre from BEA theatre-makers.

The seven plays in the anthology are:

Bound Feet Blues by Yang-May Ooi

The Last Days of Limehouse by Jeremy Tiang

Conversations with my Unknown Mother by Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen

Special Occasions by Amy Ng

Jamaica Boy by Stephen Hoo

Tango by Joel Tan

The Fu Manchu Complex by Daniel York Loh

About the Book

A landmark collection of contemporary full-length plays by British East Asian writers. Exploring subjects such as cultural identity, the fragmentation of communities, tradition, invisibility and discrimination, these plays are ideal to perform.