The Original Suffrage Cookbook

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Pub Date: 04/23/2019

Pages: 192

Trim: 5 x 8

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Imprint: Aurora Metro Press

ISBN 13: 9781912430130

ISBN 10: 1912430134

Price: $27.95 / $36.99 CAN

The Original Suffrage Cookbook

By L. O. Kleber

Price: $27.95



About the Book

Celebrate the centenary of women getting the Vote in Britain by cooking and eating some of the Suffragettes' favourite meals.

With none of the fads of modern-day cooking, these simple recipes range from hearty breakfasts to healthy soups, salads and meaty casseroles, alongside witty contributions such as Pie for a Suffragist's Doubting Husband and the Dumplings That Never Fail.

Why not create your own Suffrage Menu with recipes like Blanquette of Veal or Sweet Potato Souffle? Munch on some Parliament Gingerbread or a few Creole Balls? Or raise a toast to those who fought for equality of the sexes, by brewing up a Peppermint Cup?

Originally published in 1915 to help raise funds for the campaign for the vote for women. Includes biographies and photos of the top contributors including Jane Addams, Anna Howard Shaw, Carrie Chapman Catt, Ava Belmont, Mary Roberts Rinehard, and Jack London.

About the Book

Dozens of vintage recipes contributed by some surprising supporters of the popular cause, including famous writers, governors and even a judge.