The Foreign Girls

The Foreign Girls

by Olguín Sergio

Translated by France Miranda

Published by: Bitter Lemon Press

Imprint: Bitter Lemon Press

346 Pages, 5.10 x 7.80 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781913394387
  • Published: March 2021


"Olguín, an acclaimed Argentinian novelist, delivers a layered, gripping story, finely translated by Miranda France." Best New Crime Thrillers, Financial Times THE TIMES BOOK OF THE MONTH. "The Foreign Girls is very much a literary novel rather than simply a thriller. More slow-burning tango than brisk paso doble. The realities of life in Latin America offer little escapism perhaps, but in the gutsy, raunchy Veronica they have a contemporary heroine to cherish." The Times Two foreign girls are murdered after a high society party in Yacanto del Valle, northern Argentina. Their bodies are found in a field near sacrificial offerings, apparently from a black magic ritual. Verónica Rosenthal, an audacious, headstrong Buenos Aires journalist with a proclivity for sexual adventure, could never have imagined that her holiday would end with her two friends dead. Not trusting the local police, she decides to investigate for herself.