Portrait of a Muse

Portrait of a Muse

Frances Graham, Edward Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelite Dream

by Gailey Andrew

Published by: Bitter Lemon Press

Imprint: Wilmington Square Books

448 Pages, 6.14 x 9.25 in, 75 illustrations

  • Hardcover
  • 9781913394400
  • Published: October 2020


The first biography of Frances Graham, the muse of leading Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones for the last 25 years of his life. In a discreet, subtle, human way, her life is a study in power – artistic, social, political, familial, local – and all the more fascinating for being played out from a perennial position of weakness. 'The Portrait of a Muse' is the tale of a remarkable woman living in an age on the cusp of modernity. 75 illustrations.