When the Sky Fell Apart

When the Sky Fell Apart

by Caroline Lea

Published by: Text Publishing Company

384 pages, 6.00 x 9.75 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781925240719
  • Published: November 2016


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'Debut author Lea evokes the land with the lyrical fondness of a native...A finely detailed exploration of life during wartime.’—Kirkus

'The writing is beautiful. The characters' growing affinities, and the complications those relationships brings with them, make for fascinating reading.'—Cecilia Ekback, author of Wolf Winter

‘[A] strong debut...A moving and chilling portrait of life under Nazi heel.’— Sunday Times

Jersey, June 1940. It starts with the burning man on the beach just after the bombs land, obliterating the last shred of hope that Hitler will avert his attention from the Channel Islands. Within weeks, twelve thousand German troops land on the Jersey beaches, heralding a new era of occupation.

For ten-year-old Claudine, it means a re-education under German rule, and as she befriends one of the soldiers, she inadvertently opens the gateway to a more sinister influence in her home with devastating consequences.

For Maurice, a local fisherman, it means protecting his sick wife at all costs—even if it endangers his own life.

Edith, the island's unofficial homeopath, is an islander through to her bones. But even she can't save everyone, no matter how hard she tries.

And as for English doctor Tim Carter—on the arrival of the brutal German Commandant, he becomes the subject of a terrifying regime that causes the locals to brand him a traitor, unaware of the torment he suffers in an effort to save them.

When the Sky Fell Apart is a heartbreaking chorus of the resilience of the human spirit. It introduces an exciting new voice in literary fiction.

Caroline Lea was born and raised in Jersey. When the Sky Fell Apart is her first novel.