The Girl Without Skin

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Pub Date: 06/11/2019

Pages: 352

Publisher: Text Publishing Company

Imprint: Text Publishing Company

ISBN 13: 9781925603835

ISBN 10: 1925603830

Price: $15.95 / $20.99 CAN

Category: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / International Mystery & Crime

The Girl Without Skin

By Mads Peder Nordbo, Charlotte Barslund

Price: $15.95



About the Book

When a mummified Viking corpse is discovered on Greenland ice sheet, journalist Matthew Cave is sent out to report on the finding. The next day, the mummy has disappeared. The body of the police guard lies on the ice naked and flayed, echoing a gruesome series of unsolved murders from many years earlier. With no faith in the police, the only person Matthew dares to trust is a young Greenlandic woman who, at fourteen years old, was charged with killing her father in the same shocking manner. Nordbo has staked out a new frontier in Nordic Crime, setting his story against the forbidding beauty of Greenland.

About the Book

Journalist Matthew Cave investigates the theft of a mummified Viking, and flaying of a police guard, in a remote Greenland community.


Mads Peder Nordbo is a Danish-born author who has lived in Nuuk in Greenland for many years. He holds degrees in literature, communications and philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Stockholm. He works in communications at the town hall in Nuuk, where he writes for the mayor of the municipality. The Girl without Skin is his crime debut; Rights have been sold in eighteen territories; Another standalone Matthew Cave novel, Cold Fearn, will be published in 2020.Charlotte Barslund is a Scandinavian translator. She has translated novels by Peter Adolphsen, Mikkel Birkegaard, Thomas Enger, Karin Fossum, Steffen Jacobsen, Carsten Jensen and Per Petterson, as well as a wide range of classic and contemporary plays. She lives in the UK.