The Unbelievably Scary Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls

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Pub Date: 06/11/2019

Pages: 224

Trim: 5 x 8

Publisher: Text Publishing Company

Imprint: Text Publishing Company

ISBN 13: 9781925773019

ISBN 10: 1925773019

Price: $8.95 / $11.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories

The Unbelievably Scary Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls

By Adam Cece, Andrew Weldon

Price: $8.95



About the Book

Kipp Kindle, Tobias Treachery and Cymphany Chan live in Huggabie Falls, the weirdest town on Earth, so weirdness is pretty normal for them. But then unbelievably scary things start to happen. Suddenly everyone is being confronted by their worst fears (giant Brussells sprouts, terrifying teddy bears and huge spiders are just the beginning). But where did all those fearful things appear from? The evil Felonious Dark claims he’s reformed and is now good, but can the children trust him? Is he the one behind the unbelievably scary happenings? With all the humor and madcap adventure of the first Huggabie Falls book, this hilarious sequel will have young readers laughing out loud and asking for more.

About the Book

Sure, Huggabie Falls is the weirdest town on Earth. But when unbelievably scary things start happening, Kipp, Tobias and Cymphany must find out why.


Adam Cece won the 2017 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing for the first book in the Huggabie Falls Series: The Extremely Weird Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls. Adam lives in Adelaide.Andrew Weldon is a cartoonist whose work appears regularly in a number of newspapers. He has written and illustrated several books for children. Andrew lives in Melbourne with his family.