The Ideal Copy

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Pub Date: 05/29/2018

Pages: 88

Publisher: Koyama Press

Imprint: Koyama Press

ISBN 13: 9781927668566

ISBN 10: 1927668565

Price: $12.00 / $15.99 CAN

Category: Undefined Category

The Ideal Copy

By Ben Sears

Price: $12.00



About the Book

Plus Man and Hank have been blacklisted and have replaced treasure hunting with job-hunting, before landing a catering job at a swank hotel. But trouble doesn't wait for hors d'oeuvres as the boys find themselves with a main course of counterfeiting crooks to crack!

About the Book

The fix is in as the Double+ gang try to counter crooked counterfeiters from the inside!


Ben Sears is a Louisville, KY based cartoonist, illustrator and musician. His characters Plus Man and Hank have appeared in a number of zines, online anthologies and in the all-ages adventure series Double+ where they have been perpetually in over their heads.