Ten Years That Shook the City

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Pub Date: 06/14/2011

Pages: 344

Publisher: City Lights Publishers

Imprint: City Lights Foundation Books

ISBN 13: 9781931404129

ISBN 10: 1931404127

Price: / $31.99 CAN$23.95

Category: HISTORY / United States / 20th Century

Ten Years That Shook the City

By Chris Carlsson, LisaRuth Elliott

Price: $23.95



About the Book

A collection of essays spans the tumultuous decade from 1968, the year of the San Francisco State University strike, to 1978 and the twin traumas of the Jonestown massacre and the assassinations of mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk. This volume provides a broad look at the diverse ways these ten years shook the city of San Francisco and shaped the world we live in today. From community gardening to environmental justice, gay rights and other identity-based social movements, anti-gentrification efforts, neighborhood arts programs and more, many of the initiatives whose origins are described here have taken root and spread far beyond San Francisco.

About the Book

The alliances, programs, and goals of a historic decade that continues to shape SF and the world.