In The Garden Compendium

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Pub Date: 07/23/2019

Pages: 253

Publisher: Manic D Press, Inc.

Imprint: Manic D Press, Inc.

ISBN 13: 9781933149868

ISBN 10: 1933149868

Price: $19.95 / $25.99 CAN

Category: GARDENING / Essays & Narratives

In The Garden Compendium

By Euan Hillhouse Methven Cox

Price: $19.95



About the Book

Whether an urban gardener growing fresh herbs on a fire escape or a country gardener planting fields of flowers, this antique illustrated collection of garden poems, forgotten plants, perfumes and potpourri, garden proverbs, and practical advice will bring a smile from first frost to final harvest. Downton Abbey meets Green Acres in this perfect gift for armchair gardeners and professional horticulturists alike.

During his lifetime, editor E. H. M. Cox traveled the world searching for rare plants. An expert in his field, he published numerous books including Plant Hunting in China and Modern Shrubs. He was a resident of Scotland.

About the Book

An antique illustrated celebration of garden cultivation with remedies and recipes, poems and perfumes, and timeless advice for seasonal success.