The Forgotten Japanese

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Pub Date: 03/01/2010

Pages: 320

Trim: 9 x 6

Publisher: Stone Bridge Press

Imprint: Stone Bridge Press

ISBN 13: 9781933330808

ISBN 10: 1933330805

Price: $29.95 / $38.99 CAN

Category: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Ethnic Studies / General

The Forgotten Japanese

By Tsuneichi Miyamoto, Jeffrey Irish

Price: $29.95



About the Book

Tsuneichi Miyamoto (1907–1981), a leading Japanese folklore scholar and rural advocate, walked 160,000 kilometers to conduct interviews and capture a dying way of life. This collection of photos, vignettes, and life stories from pre- and postwar rural Japan is the first English translation of his modern Japanese classic. From blowfish to landslides, Miyamoto's stories come to life in Jeffrey Irish's fluid translation.

About the Book

A revealing look at rural lives and lifestyles that have all but disappeared today.


Tsuneichi Miyamoto (1907-81) was a a leading scholar of Japanese folklore and customs. He walked over 160,000 kilometers through rural Japan, collecting the songs, stories, and images of a dying way of life, and was an advocate of social and economic invigoration of rural Japan. Jeffrey Irish is a scholar and translator who has long been immersed in life in rural Japan. A contributing editor to the Kyoto Journal, Irish has been a columnist for a Japanese newspaper for seven years and is the author of the Japanese-language books Prewar Kagoshima and Island Life. He was recently elected "mayor" of his 28-person village.