Divining Poets: Dickinson

Divining Poets: Dickinson

A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press

Divining Poets: A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press

by Emily Dickinson

Selected by David Trinidad

Published by: Turtle Point Press

78 pages, 3.63 x 5.00 in, Each card has a four-color illustration on the back and a two-color design on the front.

  • Book
  • ISBN: 9781933527987
  • Published: November 2019


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Turtle Point Press is pleased to introduce the Divining Poets Quotable Deck Series. These elegant, boxed sets of seventy-eight cards à la tarot decks feature short quotes meant to inspire, provoke, and guide users—to contemplate, memorize, or answer life questions. Here is the ever-astonishing Emily Dickinson.

David Trinidad was struck by the Magic 8 Ball sound in his favorite bits from Emily Dickinson’s poems—mystical answers to questions one might ask about life and death. He chose seventy-eight, the number of cards in a tarot deck, and found they worked. This is a superlative selection of indelible gems to guide, ponder, and quote.

The set includes a display stand, plus an instruction card with tips on how to use the deck. This is pocket-sized wisdom to give and to keep, here in perfect time for the holiday season.