Scene But Not Heard

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Pub Date: 12/03/2013

Pages: 128

Publisher: Alternative Comics

Imprint: Alternative Comics

ISBN 13: 9781934460924

ISBN 10: 1934460923

Price: $14.95 / $19.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Comics & Graphic Novels / General

Scene But Not Heard

By Sam Henderson, Noah Van Sciver

Price: $14.95



About the Book

From Sam Henderson—Emmy-nominated writer of Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants—comes "Scene But Not Heard," the longest-running feature in the history of Nickelodeon Magazine! Now all those strips—the hilarious, wordless adventures of a man and a bear—are collected in one handsome hardcover.

About the Book

‘Scene But Not Heard’, the longest-running feature in Nickelodeon Magazine are all collected in one handsome hardcover.


Noah Van Sciver first came to comic readers' attention with his critically acclaimed comic book series Blammo, which has earned him 3 Ignatz award nominations. His work has appeared in Mad magazine, Best American Comics 2011, and The Stranger, as well as countless graphic anthologies. He currently is the writer/artist on a comic strip titled "Rufus Baxter" for the alternative weekly newspaper Westword. Van Sciver has four graphic novels: The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln, Youth Is Wasted, Saint Cole and Fante Bukowski: Struggling Writer.