Richard III: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

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Pub Date: 10/08/2019

Pages: 70

Publisher: Nicolo Whimsey Press

Imprint: Nicolo Whimsey Press

ISBN 13: 9781935550396

ISBN 10: 193555039X

Price: $9.95

Category: DRAMA / Shakespeare

Richard III: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

By Nick Newlin, William Shakespeare

Price: $9.95



About the Book

"A master at engaging students in the process of performing a Shakespeare
scene."—Janet Field-Pickering, head of education, Folger Shakespeare Library

Richard III: The 30-Minute Shakespeare This edition of Richard III features seven scenes, opening with the Duke of Gloucester’s villainous “Winter of our discontent” speech and followed by his audacious wooing of Lady Anne. Queen Margaret’s chilling curses, Richard’s string of murders, and the haunting chants of his victims’ ghosts are stage drama at its best. The climax is a gripping battle in which the Earl of Richmond slays Richard and becomes King of England. There is also an essay by editor Nick Newlin on how to produce a Shakespeare play with novice actors, and notes about the original production of this abridgement at the Folger Shakespeare Library’s annual Student Shakespeare Festival.

The edition includes a preface by Nick Newlin, containing helpful advice on presenting Shakespeare in a high school setting with novice actors, as well as an appendix with play-specific suggestions and recommendations for further resources.

About the Book

Each play maintains Shakespeare's original language, abridging the text.
The arc of the plot is covered in a 30-minute performance.


Nick Newlin: Nick Newlin has been a performer, writer and arts educator for
international audiences for 30 years. Since 1996, he has conducted an annual Play Directing residency affiliated with the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC. Nick has a BA from Harvard University with Honors 1982 and an MA in Theater from The University of Maryland with an emphasis on Play Directing.

Jeanie O’Hare is Director of New Work Development at The Public Theater in New York. She was Chair of Playwriting at the Yale School of Drama, and Company Dramaturg for the Royal Shakespeare Company.