Taming the Beast Within

Taming the Beast Within

Managing Anger in Ourselves and Our Children Through Divorce

by Benjamin Garber

Published by: High Conflict Institute Press

60 Pages, 5.00 x 7.00 in, 8 B&W illustrations

  • Paperback
  • 9781936268269
  • Published: April 2019


We all get angry sometimes, but out-of-control anger can make life miserable for everyone in the family, especially during a divorce, parental separation, or throughout the years of co-parenting,

In Taming the Beast, Dr. Benjamin Garber shows you how to understand anger in all its forms, from irritation to frustration to rage, and express it constructively. You will learn practical strategies for modeling good anger management for your children, identifying and measuring emotions with the MadMeter™, planning ahead for what to do when anger erupts, and debriefing outbursts so you can do better next time. With practice, you and your kids will discover healthy ways to experience your own emotions—and accept each other’s.

Taming the Beast is Book 2 in the Healthy Parenting series. Book 1 in the series is The Healthy Parent's ABCs: Healthy Parenting Made Clear and Easy-to-Readand Book 2 is i>Caught in the Middle: A Letter to My Divorced Parents