Big Questions for Young Minds

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Pub Date: 09/15/2017

Pages: 160

Trim: 8 x 10

Publisher: National Association for the Education of Young Ch

Imprint: The National Association for the Education of Youn

ISBN 13: 9781938113307

ISBN 10: 1938113306

Price: $30.00

Category: EDUCATION / Preschool & Kindergarten

Big Questions for Young Minds

By Janis Strasser, Lisa Mufson Bresson

Price: $30.00



About the Book

Questions are powerful tools, especially in the classroom. Asking rich, thoughtful questions can spark young children’s natural curiosity and illuminate a whole new world of possibility and insight. But what are “big” questions, and how do they encourage children to think deeply? With this intentional approach—rooted in Bloom’s Taxonomy—teachers working with children ages 3 through 6 will discover how to meet children at their individual developmental levels and stretch their thinking. Featuring contributions from respected names in the field, this book

- Offers a foundation for using high-level questions in preschool and kindergarten interest areas
- Provides tips for getting started and examples of questions at each of the six levels of questioning
- Explores the use of high-level questions during daily classroom routines and in a variety of contexts
- Recommends picture books that support the use of high-level questions
- Includes an extensive resource section for teachers and families

With the guidance in this book as a cornerstone in your day-to-day teaching practices, learn how to be more intentional in your teaching, scaffold children’s learning, and promote deeper understanding.

About the Book

Weave high-level questions into your teaching practices.


Janis Strasser, EdD, is a teacher educatorand coordinator of the MEd in Curriculum and Learning Early Childhood concentration at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She has worked in the field of early childhood for more than 40 years.

Lisa Mufson Bresson, MEd, is a technical assistance supervisor for Grow NJ Kids, New Jersey’s statewide Quality Rating Improvement System for early childhood programs. She previously taught in urban public preschool settings for 13 years.