Where’s the Math?

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Pub Date: 09/10/2019

Pages: 160

Trim: 10 x 8

Publisher: National Association for the Education of Young Ch

Imprint: The National Association for the Education of Youn

ISBN 13: 9781938113512

ISBN 10: 1938113519

Price: $25.00

Category: EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / Mathematics

Where’s the Math?

By Mary Hynes-Berry, Laura Grandau

Price: $25.00



About the Book

Make math learning both meaningful and fun by building on children’s natural curiosity to help them grow into confident problem solvers and investigators of math concepts. Using five math-related questions children wonder about as a framework, this book helps you go deeper into everyday math with children by offering

• A basic overview of math ideas behind matching and sorting, patterns, number sense, measuring, and spatial relationships
• 20 activities appropriate for children in preschool and kindergarten based on new and classic children’s books, games, and classroom routines
• Suggestions for individualizing activities for diverse learners
• Recommendations for more than 75 children’s books that encourage math-rich thinking and investigation
• Examples of intentional questions, comments, and conversations that stretch and focus children’s understanding of math concepts

Empower yourself with the guidance and ideas in this practical resource to use play and storytelling to challenge children to think more complexly about the math in everything they see, hear, and do.

About the Book

Engaging ideas and activities to develop children’s mathematical thinking by solving problems from real life and their favorite children’s books.


Mary Hynes-Berry, PhD, is senior instructor at Erikson Institute and one of the founding members of Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative, which provides professional development to early childhood educators on teaching foundational math and also conducts research on the most effective ways to bolster mathematical thinking among young children. (From Erikson website)

Laura Grandau, PhD, is assistant professor at Erikson Institute as well as a senior program developer for Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative. She studies the link between mathematical interactions and computational thinking in young children. In addition, she helps professionals who work with young children in educational settings outside of school, such as in museums and libraries, better integrate early math concepts into their services for families and caregivers. (From Erikson website)

Laura Grandau, PhD, has worked in STEM education for 25 years in schools,
museums, libraries, and nature centers, emphasizing curiosity and play as central
components of learning. She is adjunct faculty at Erikson Institute as well as a teacher
educator, researcher, and classroom teacher with expertise in teaching and learning math and science. Formerly, she served as manager of education programs at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago and senior program developer for Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative. Laura has worked extensively coaching preservice and in-service teachers and supporting curriculum and instructional planning with school leadership teams. She is a contributing author of Growing Mathematical Minds: Conversations Between Developmental Psychologists and Early Childhood Teachers (Routledge, 2019), and her work has also been published in numerous journals, including Teaching Children Mathematics, Cognition and Instruction, and Harvard Educational Review.