This is Play

This is Play

Environments and Interactions that Engage Infants and Toddlers

by Julia Luckenbill, Aarti Subramaniam and Janet Thompson

Published by: National Association for the Education of Young Ch

128 Pages, 8.00 x 10.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781938113536
  • Published: October 2019


Slow down, tune in, and discover the very purposeful play of infants and toddlers. Addressing considerations like choosing interesting materials, setting up safe and inviting environments, and why you are the most important element of play for very young children, the authors come alongside to help you

  • Better understand what play means for infants and toddlers
  • Read children’s cues and respond to their needs for more challenge, a break from interaction, or a play partner
  • Support children’s physical, social and emotional, language, and cognitive development
  • Adapt the way you play with children and what materials you offer based on individual abilities, interests, and needs
  • Look at toddler behavior in new ways and use proven strategies to help children navigate play situations with peers
    • This book is a delightful, easy read, full of insights like how to provide play choices for even very young children and why sportscasting is not just for TV but for infant and toddler classrooms, too. With its spot-on ideas and delightful anecdotes, you’ll gain a new appreciation for infants’ and toddlers’ competence and curiosity and how important your role is in the birth-to-3 adventure.

      This is play for very young children and for you. Come and explore.