The English Boat

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Pub Date: 05/15/2018

Pages: 100

Publisher: Alice James Books

Imprint: Alice James Books

ISBN 13: 9781938584763

ISBN 10: 1938584767

Price: / $20.99 CAN$15.95

Category: POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious

The English Boat

By Donald Revell

Price: $15.95



About the Book

Revell's fifteenth collection creates a boisterous, magical world built upon Ancient Greek landscapes and Shakespearian tragedies and mixes it with modern-age life. These lively poems sweep readers into journeys of reflection, passion, and imagination as it explores human emotion along with the never-ending, dark mysteries of the mind.

About the Book

Visceral poems explore the human spirit, searching for light in these dark times.