Allmen and the Pink Diamond

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Pub Date: 03/05/2019

Pages: 203

Trim: 5 x 8

Publisher: New Vessel Press

Imprint: New Vessel Press

ISBN 13: 9781939931634

ISBN 10: 1939931630

Price: / $24.50 CAN$16.95

Category: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / International Mystery & Crime

Allmen and the Pink Diamond

By Martin Suter

Price: $16.95



About the Book

"Delightfully quirky and original, it feels like a Golden Age detective novel transposed, wonderfully, into the 21st century."
Peter James, author of Dead Simple and Dead Man's Time

An unimaginably valuable pink diamond has gone missing and a mysterious Russian residing in Switzerland is suspected of having made off with the treasured jewel. But the investigative duo of Johann Friedrich von Allmen and his Guatemalan butler Carlos are on the case. Their search leads from London to Zurich to a grand hotel on the Baltic coast. Amorous adventures and diverting mishaps litter the path through a world of European high culture and luxury, with hard-knuckle forays into global financial markets and high tech moves to manipulate them. This is the second in a series of fast-paced detective novels devoted to a memorable gentleman thief who, with his trusted sidekick, runs an international detective agency to recover stolen precious objects. Don't miss the first in the series, Allmen and the Dragonflies, also published by New Vessel Press.

About the Book

The second in a fast-paced series centered on a memorable gentleman thief and his Guatemalan butler which transports readers along on madcap amorous adventures and diverting mishaps in a world of European high life.


Martin Suter, born in Zurich in 1948, is a novelist, screenwriter and newspaper columnist. He has written a dozen novels, many of them best-sellers in Europe and translated into 32 languages. Suter lives with his family in Zurich. Two previous novels by Suter, Allmen and the Dragonflies and The Last Weynfeldt, have also been published by New Vessel Press.

Steph Morris studied fine art at Goldsmiths’ College, London, and history of art at Chelsea College of Art. He has translated the diaries of East German writer Brigitte Reimann as well as nonfiction books about Joseph Beuys and Pina Bausch, and has been a translator in residence at the Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium, in Straelen, Germany.