Test Tube

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Pub Date: 12/22/2015

Pages: 144

Publisher: Floating World Comics

Imprint: Floating World Comics

ISBN 13: 9781942801924

ISBN 10: 1942801920

Price: / $19.99 CAN$14.95

Category: COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Fantasy

Test Tube

By Carlos Gonzalez

Price: $14.95



About the Book

Test Tube follows three people living in a faceless city of decrepit movie theaters, girlie nightclubs, and paper-thin apartment buildings. Within that stew, they are exposed to strange photographs, old cracked statues, cardboard cut-outs, and sexual mania. A stunning woman named Jill meets a white haired poet named Gene Dennel at the flea market. He invites her to collaborate on his masterpiece, revealing the secret that could spark the next phase of human evolution.

Carlos Gonzalez's comics have been published in anthologies like Kramers Ergot 6 and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries with members of Fort Thunder.

About the Book

Follows three people living in a faceless city of decrepit movie theaters, girlie nightclubs, and paper thin apartment buildings.


Carlos Gonzalez is the Ignatz nominated author of Test Tube (Floating World). He lives in Providence, RI.