Paperback L.A. Book 2

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Pub Date: 10/30/2018

Pages: 152

Publisher: Prospect Park Books LLC - Prospect Park Books

Imprint: Prospect Park Books LLC - Prospect Park Books

ISBN 13: 9781945551376

ISBN 10: 1945551372

Price: $19.95 / $25.99 CAN


Paperback L.A. Book 2

By Susan LaTempa

Price: $19.95



About the Book

Paperback L.A. Book 2 continues the engaging "Casual Anthology" series with genre-crossing writing gems, vibrant photo essays, and more. Memoirs, magazine articles, and magic realism all make an appearance. Contributors include Baby Peggy on Holly wood, Ray Bradbury on Venice Beach, Karen Tei Yamashita on freeways, Preston Lerner on auto racing, Naomi Hirahara on Terminal Island, Gina B. Nahai on the Persian Jewish diaspora, Ann Summa on urban cyclists, and Hartmut Walter on shorebirds.

Editor Susan LaTempa has worked at L.A. Style, West Coast Plays, Westways, the Los Angeles Times, and beyond.

About the Book

The casual anthology L.A. has been waiting for, rich with insight, humor, personality, history, modernity, and great writers old and new.


Susan LaTempa identifies as an editor in Los Angeles, not as a Los Angeles editor. At L.A. Style, West Coast Plays, Padua Hills Theater Festival, Westways, The Los Angeles Times, and Liberty Hill Foundation, she's worked with journalists, playwrights, novelists, recipe developers, landscapers, photographers, and videographers. She's concentrated on addressing L.A.'s vast, cosmopolitan audiences, in the process helping shape dozens of memorable articles, reviews, memoirs, parodies, essays, theater pieces, and videos that have illuminated so many aspects of L.A.