Women of the Underground: Resistance

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Pub Date: 07/16/2019

Pages: 224

Publisher: Manic D Press, Inc.

Imprint: Manic D Press, Inc.

ISBN 13: 9781945665035

ISBN 10: 1945665033

Price: $16.95 / $22.99 CAN

Category: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Feminism & Feminist Theory

Women of the Underground: Resistance

By Zora von Burden

Price: $16.95



About the Book

At a critical juncture in this country’s history, women are at the forefront of the citizens’ resistance against authoritarian oppression.

Women of the Underground: Resistance contains more than twenty interviews with women activists working at the forefront of social justice movements and communities including Black Lives Matter, ACT UP, Code Pink, Earth Justice, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Innocence Project, Ruckus Society, and more, as they move the culture forward to a more equitable and just society. A call to action for citizens of all genders and ages, this book articulately reveals lesser-known hidden histories, and also serves as an instruction manual for direct action and community organizing.

About the Book

At a critical juncture in this country's history, women are in the forefront of the citizens' resistance against authoritarian oppression


Zora von Burden was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She is the editor of Manic D's Women of the Underground series, which includes Women of the Underground: Music and Women of the Underground: Art.