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The Last Halloween

The Last Halloween

The Children

by Abby Howard

Published by: Iron Circus Comics

400 pages, 6.62 x 10.25 in, Black-and-White Throughout

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781945820663
  • Published: September 2020


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"A comic horror tour de force." — KIRKUS, Starred Review

"Tailor-made for fans of postmodern horror comedy." — BOOKLIST, Starred Review

The monster apocalypse is nigh, but never fear! Humanity is under the protection of . . . this crew?

It’s a lonely Halloween night for ten-year-old Mona. While everyone else is out having a ghoulishly good time, she’s stuck inside without so much as a scary movie to watch. Just when she figures this evening can’t get much worse, a giant monster appears in her living room, proving her very, very wrong. Running for her life, Mona quickly sees that she’s not alone; trick-or-treating’s been canceled due to monster invasion! A barrier keeping billions of monsters at bay has broken and the horrific hordes have descended upon humanity, wreaking bloody havoc everywhere they stomp, slither, or squish. She may not be equipped for it, but it’s up to Mona to save the world with a team of fellow weirdos by her side. Perhaps they will succeed. Or perhaps this will be . . . The Last Halloween.