Wakeful Night

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Pub Date: 09/25/2018

Pages: 64

Trim: 8 x 10

Publisher: Dottir Press

Imprint: Dottir Press

ISBN 13: 9781948340014

ISBN 10: 1948340011

Price: / $23.99 CAN$19.95

Category: SELF-HELP / Creativity

Wakeful Night

By Skibola Nicole

Price: $19.95



About the Book

Nicole Skibola was 32 and a lawyer working in the New York start-up world when she received a diagnosis for a rare endometrial cancer. That surreal moment marked the beginning of a race to save eggs, to operate, and to mourn the loss of her reproductive organs. Echoing the urgency of diagnosis and treatment were the messages from everyone to move on, be grateful, resettle into the person she was “before.”

Loss begat losses: her boyfriend left her, her start-up failed, and Nicole found herself in her childhood home, alone, and for the first time was allowed to explore her grief. She joined a group of writers and artists, many of whom were making art that dealt explicitly with grief and loss. It was a revelation. After documenting her own story—and with some inspiration from The Artist’s Way—Nicole developed a framework that supports people, especially those with cancer, to face, feel, and express their own reality by connecting to their inner artist.

About the Book

Gloriously illustrated, this journal guides readers to explore the darkness, unknown, and miraculousness of a cancer diagnosis to discover an awakening.


NICOLE SKIBOLA is a Brooklyn-based writer and artist whose work explores concepts from personal storytelling to modern feminism. In addition to her creative practice, she is the co-founder of Cosmic View, a line of holistic cannabis products with her mother, a former cancer research scientist.