West of Here

West of Here

LA Landscapes and Grand Theft Auto V

by Leonardo Magrelli

Contributions by Mirjam Kooiman

Published by: Yoffy Press

Imprint: Yoffy Press

80 Pages, 6.50 x 9.00 in, B&W photos throughout

  • Hardcover
  • 9781949608250
  • Published: April 2021


All the images in this work derive from wallpapers and screenshots taken by different users while playing Grand Theft Auto V —a videogame set in Los Santos, an “open world” scenario that closely resembles Los Angels and its surroundings. Thus, the city of the Studios, of Hollywood and film industry, becomes itself a staged set and a virtual replica, a duplicate of its original. This work explores whether is it possible to photograph a virtual place, what it means to do so, and the question of authorship. It is also intended as a tribute to a long series of great photographers who worked in Los Angeles widely throughout the second half of the past century. With their own perspectives, these artists all contributed to the creation of an image of a city that is still vivid and lasting - one that is mimicked, simulated, and photographed in this project.