New Ways for Life™ Youth Journal

New Ways for Life™ Youth Journal

Life Skills for Young People Age 12 - 17

New Ways

by Bill Eddy and Susan Rayner

Published by: High Conflict Institute Press

Imprint: Unhooked Books

120 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in, Boxes for writing with smart graphics

  • Paperback
  • 9781950057092
  • Published: September 2020


New Ways for Life™ teaches young people how to control themselves in an out-of-control world

New Ways for Life™ is an easy-to-learn method for acquiring 4 Big Skills that can help any young person age 12-17 prepare for managing life’s challenges and gaining confidence in the years to come. The Youth Journal offers encouragement and easy lessons for managing emotions, using flexible thinking, applying moderate behavior to fit the situation, and taking responsibility for using these skills in daily life.

The seventh in the popular New Ways™ series, New Ways for Life™ is designed to reduce bullying in schools and social media, help resolve friendship conflicts, manage family conflicts, eliminate violence at home and in schools, and reduce stress levels.

This personalized journal is intended to be confidential and can be used again and again when young people come up against difficult or stressful situations. It’s not complicated and there are no tests at the end. Not everything learned at school will be used in the future, but these 4 Big Skills will help for a lifetime. Students, scouts, youth group attendees, support group members, or any young person can use this Youth Journal to enhance his or her life-long relationship and conflict resolution skills.