The Meaning of Blood And Other Tales of Perversity

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Pub Date: 10/30/2018

Pages: 185

Publisher: Global Book Sales

Imprint: Cloud Lodge Books

ISBN 13: 9781999587307

ISBN 10: 1999587308

Price: / $14.99 CAN$10.95

The Meaning of Blood And Other Tales of Perversity

By Chuck Caruso

Price: $10.95



About the Book

In The Meaning of Blood and Other Tales of Perversity, Chuck Caruso combines his deep roots in the American Gothic with his own contemporary sense of macabre humor. These stories range from crime thrillers to western noir to grotesque horror. Each twisted tale displays Caruso’s unique blend of wry prose, feverish storytelling, and tragically-flawed characters discovering that even the most innocent encounter can lead to death. Or sex. Or both.

About the Book

Sixteen tales of dark, transgressive fiction for fans of Chuck Palahniuk, Elmore Leonard, and Edgar Allan Poe


Chuck Caruso is a 19th-century Americanist and Edgar Allan Poe scholar. His crime and horror writing has been published in Cemetery Dance, Shroud, and Dark Discoveries. His first novel The Lawn Job won the Independent Publisher Award for Best Regional Fiction. Caruso lives in Seattle, Washington.