A Path of Wisdom

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Pub Date: 09/03/2019

Pages: 184

Publisher: Rabsel Publications

Imprint: Rabsel Publications

ISBN 13: 9782953721652

ISBN 10: 2953721657

Price: / $24.99 CAN$19.00

Category: RELIGION / Buddhism / Tibetan

A Path of Wisdom

By Jigme Rinpoche, Wong Sylvia

Price: $19.00



About the Book

Far from the esoteric jargon sometimes associated with Tibetan Buddhism, here is a practical approach to living with clarity which enables an individual to develop understanding and insight about the self and others. The key lies in the study and understanding of the essential points taught by the Buddha and the importance of thoroughly integrating those meanings in our daily lives and practice.

About the Book

A progressive approach to deep Buddhist practice.