by Franziska Stünkel

Photographer Franziska Stünkel

Preface by Karin Rehn-Kaufmann

Text by Florian Langenscheidt, Bernhard Schlink, Borwin Bandelow, Piotr Mlodozeniec, Georg Toepfer, Stephen Meadows Mark, Turker Baş, Karen Guggenheim, Stephen Vasconcellos, Jannis Androutsopoulos, Iris Phan, Anno Saul, Moritz Rinke and Bela B Felsenheimer

Published by: Kehrer Verlag

184 pages, 11.02 x 14.56 in, 110 color photographs

  • Hardcover
  • 9783868289183
  • Published: May 2020


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Since ten years Franziska Stünkel has been working on her ongoing photographic series ‘Coexist’. Her photographs are presented in museums and galleries until today. Franziska Stünkel has been travelling with her Leica camera through Asia, Africa, Europe and America in search of natural reflections in windows, which, in their concentration, tell of the coexistence of human life. Charged with the utmost complexity, her photographs are the visualization of the similarities and contrasts that exist in our multifaceted, networked world. The artist completely dispenses with the digital post-processing of her photographs. The present volume provides comprehensive insight into the photographic series, supplemented by texts by well-known authors from various fields of science on the topic of coexistence: futurology, biology, music, religious studies, anxiety research. The result is a multi-layered view of the highly topical question of coexistence in our present time.

Franziska Stünkel has been awarded with the ‘Audi Art Award’ and the ‘Berlin Hyp Art Award’. In 2019 the Kehrer publishing house releases her fine arts book ‘Coexist’. The Leica Photography International Magazine describes her photographs as ‘overwhelming picture results’. Franziska Stünkel is currently shooting “Coexist Part 5 America” in the United States.

Publication date in Europe is January 15, 2020

Erscheinungstermin in Europa ist der 15. Januar 2020