Thea's Tree

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Pub Date: 03/11/2014

Pages: 28

Trim: 8 x 11

Publisher: Karadi Tales

Imprint: Karadi Tales Picturebooks

ISBN 13: 9788181902979

ISBN 10: 8181902971

Price: $15.95 / $20.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Nature & the Natural World / Environment

Thea's Tree

By Judith Clay

Price: $15.95



About the Book

What Thea wants more than anything in the world is a tree—a real tree to climb and hide in, to sit under and dream. But in the city where she lives, there are no trees. So one day, Thea goes in search of a tree. This elemental story is written and illustrated by Judith Clay.

Thea's Tree was chosen for the White Ravens List of the International Youth Library in 2012.

Judith Clay is an award-winning German artist and writer. Her work has widely been exhibited in Europe and North America.

About the Book

All Thea wants is a tree... but she's never seen one before!


Judith Clay: Judith Clay is a German artist and trained ceramic painter. She holds a degree in comparative literature. She works primarily in ink, pastels, colored pencils, and collages. Her drawings are echoes of her feelings and dreams. With her pictures, she tries to reawaken the magic, emotions, and freedoms


Listed in White Ravens Catalog