Get Off That Camel!

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Pub Date: 10/01/2019

Pages: 40

Trim: 10 x 10

Publisher: Karadi Tales

Imprint: Karadi Tales Picturebooks

ISBN 13: 9788193903315

ISBN 10: 8193903315

Price: $13.95

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / General

Get Off That Camel!

By Benjamin AH, Shenoi Krishna Bala

Price: $13.95



About the Book

From the time Meena was a baby, she’s been obsessed with camels. This fixation only becomes stronger when she’s gifted a real camel for her birthday! Absolutely thrilled with her new pet, Meena simply refuses to get off that camel! This delightful story by veteran children’s author A.H. Benjamin is accompanied by Krishna Bala Shenoi’s vibrant, colorful illustrations, and promises to take readers on a ride they’ll never forget.

About the Book

A humorous picture book about a little girl who graduates from being obsessed with a toy camel to being unable to stop riding a real one


A H Benjamin is an established children's author who has been writing books since the mid-eighties. Up to now he has written 47 books which have sold worldwide with over 25 translations including Chinese, Korean,Turkish, Afrikaans, Greek and Arabic. His books are very popular in schools, libraries and book clubs. Also some of his work has been adapted for radio, television and theatre.Krishna Bala Shenoi spends his days making things. His artwork, spanning a variety of styles, has accompanied children's literature in books produced by esteemed publishing houses. He lives in Bangalore with his family of humans and cats, where he plans to continue contributing to children's storytelling, imbuing his work with gentleness and a sense of wonder.